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NaNoWriMo- Day 5

5 Nov

Daily Word Count: 3,852

Total Word Count: 15,929

How I’m feeling: Not too great, but not too terrible. I went to a write-in at my local library and the crowd was really mixed. Many people there weren’t doing NaNo, just looking for a group of writers to join and seemed amazed at the idea of Word Wars. I met some awesome people, though and I’m glad I went to meet some other writers who are different from myself. On the other hand, I missed writing with my Novel Girls.

What I’ll do with the rest of my day: I’m watching The Voice and waiting for local election results. Call it nerdy, call it social responsible, call it what you want.

How’s it going for you? Are you feeling any sort of burn out yet?

Until next time, write on.