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Where Are You Reading? and Goodreads Challenges

7 Jan

Hello, team!

It’s time to start the New Year off right, am I right? I’ve decided to do two challenges, one of which I hope you join me in. The simpleist one is on where I’ve challenged myself to read 35 books this year. I know, you’re asking yourself how I could challenge myself to just 35 when I read 71 books last year. Well, this year I don’t want to stress about it so much. In addition to hitting the 70 mark just days before Christmas and only getting 71 because of an audiobook and driving to my parents house, I had to read short books toward the end. This year, I don’t want to come up short and I want to tackle some longer books (like Pillars of the Earth). So, the shorter challenge.

The second challenge I’m even more excited about. I’m joining Sheila at her blog, Book Journey, for the Where are You Reading? Challenge. Take a click over there and read about her challenge and how it’s set up. I’ve set up my own page which you can see from the menu on my blog or by clicking here. The challenge is to read a book set in every state. I know I’m going to fall short, but I want to see where the books I tend to read are set. I have a feeling many are going to be in foreign countries, but I still want to see!

Please join me in either one of these challenges! Leave a comment and let me know. Are you doing a reading challenge? What one are you doing? Are you going to join me in either of mine?

Until next time, Reader, write on.