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When Are You Reading Challenge?

20 Jan

BlogImageBigI’ve been inspired by the Where Are You Reading Challenge hosted by Sheila on Book Journey. I love the idea of expanding one’s writing horizons and I want to do something similar. So I decided to host my own challenge. I created a page here where you can read about it but I’ll give you all a snippet right now in hopes that you’ll join me.

The challenge is to read 13 books that are all set in different ears of world history (there’s even a future category). There’s no prize if you win but my lovely husband (who designed the image) will create a winner image, too.

The challenge goes from Jan 1, 2014 to Dec 31, 2014 so you can count books finished since the beginning of the year. If you’re a fan of historical fiction, this challenge is perfect for you! If you’re not… there was never a better time to try it.

As it’s a holiday here in America and the motor company is very patriotic, this is it for my post today. No work, no post- that’s my motto! I’ll use the day off to get ahead on posts, though, because I’ve got a bunch of ideas coming up.

Again, please consider joining me. I’d love to see what historical fiction books you find and you’ll get to make a super cool timeline like mine (see it here). You can also follow my progress here.