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Writing Stall: A Post-NaNo Funk

30 Jan

This is hard for me to admit, but I’ve written less than 1,000 words since the end of November. Just to put it in perspective, I wrote over 52,000 words in 20 days and then stopped dead. I’ve tried a short story, but there’s nothing.

This isn’t to say I haven’t edited. I’ve worked on edits my girlfriends have given me to my YA novel, but I haven’t added scenes, I’ve rearranged paragraphs and written transitions. I’ve been blogging here daily, but not adding a thing to my WIPs.

I admit this is a short post and I guess I’m trying to convince myself that a short post here will mean I have more time to write. I’ve run into this before that writing blog posts on the weekend has eaten into my creative writing time, but it’s not a solid excuse (if there’s such a thing).

Fellow writers, what do you do to kick yourself in the butt and get writing after a hiatus? What tricks are there to get my creative juices flowing? I look forward to your advice!

Until next time, write on.