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My NaNoWriMo Plans; on being a rebel.

30 Oct

I’ve been open with my friends about NaNo, but now I’m going to make a public decry:

I’m not going to participate in National Novel Writing Month this year

…in the traditional sense.

Last year, I powered through 50,000 words in nineteen days and ended up with a manuscript that’s has an okay structure and pacing that needs work with a character I don’t like all that much.

And today, I have the exact same thing.

I need to edit it! What’s the point of writing a NaNo book if all it does is sit on my desk collecting dust (which I removed when a moved but is re-accumulating) and never gets edited? The last thing I want is another 50,000 draft sitting on my desk to bury under this one. So I won’t be adding another draft.

Instead, I’ll be editing the first one. I hope to commit about a half hour every day to working on editing the draft I have. I can write the required 1,667 words in about that time, so this will be my equivalent. I hope to use write-ins around my area to write for even more time, but I realize that my schooling comes first so I’ll have to take care of that. My husband is done coaching for the season so he’s said he’ll support me around the house more.

I hope to update my progress here in place of some of my book review posts. I’ll have to play blog catch-up in December, but I can do that easily. So check back here to see how awesome I am at being a rebel!

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Are you rebelling like me? Doesn’t it feel great? Any way you look at it, have a happy November.

Until next time, write on.

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