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Rejection Armor: Ready

16 Feb

At the end of January, a new writing friend read a piece of mine that has been sent out and rejected three times. She had some good feedback but overall she liked the piece. So I submitted it again. But this time, I’m taking a different approach. I submitted it nine times to magazines that accept simultaneous submissions. I used P&W’s Lit Mag database and found magazines that fit what I’m looking for: print copies, pays in contributor copies, accepts online submissions, and wants general fiction. I had to sort out those not in their submission period or those with a different focus from my piece, but I got through a good chunk and I’m happy with the ones I’ve chosen.

Surprisingly, I heard back from one the first week of February. I was surprised to have heard back so quickly but not surprised to hear another ‘no.’



It’s probably bad that I’m not surprised by it, but I’m ready now. I know there’s a barrage of these on their way. My piece has a very strong voice and it’s not something that fits nicely into a lot of magazines. It’s a bit quirky, funny, and sad at the end. I haven’t found a lit mag asking for pieces like mine because it can be so many things. Maybe that’s a fault, but I think it makes for a good story. I’ve found magazinesĀ that are close, but none exactly like my piece. It’s been hard to place.

So my battle armor is ready. I’ve toughened up and targeted my attack. They’ll start coming back soon and in numbers higher than I’ve had before. But you know what? I’m not going to let them take me this year. I’m going to clean up some other pieces and submit them like crazy. Because there’s a magazine out there where I can find a fit. There’s an editor who will pick up my piece and think ‘This is great for our issue!’ Rejection is part of the process; no one is an over night success. And if they are, all other writers are allowed to hate them.

I print out each rejection letter. My husband says that by the time I’m famous, we’ll have enough to plaster the walls of the office. Then they’ll make me laugh, not cringe. As long as I think of that day, I can smile.

Until next time, write on.

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