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I Feel Like Writing FanFiction

6 Apr

I’m not embarrassed to say I used to write fanfiction. I used to write it a lot. In middle school (2000-2004), I was on more than any other site. In high school, I went back to it briefly in 2006 but, for the most part, I didn’t think about writing or being a writer. The same is true for college. I might check stats to see how my story was doing, but it wasn’t something I followed. Then when I graduated college in 2012, I went back to it. I don’t know what made me do it, but I went back and finished my story.

I’d started a romance that never went anywhere about a fandom that was mid-series when I was writing. When I revisited it in 2012, I knew how the story would end in cannon, but not how I wanted it to end in my story. Knowing that I was going against the author gave me a degree of freedom that I enjoyed. I added an action/adventure aspect to my story and really enjoyed writing it. I finished the story and have been inspired to write a lot of original fiction.

Fanfiction taught me a lot about writing that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I read a lot and was able to pick out good and bad stories quickly which helped me make my story better. I’m rather successful in my romantic pairing (312 favorites on one story) though I know that’s nothing compared to some bigger fics. I don’t say this to brag, but to illustrate how supportive the fanfiction community was and how their encouragement drove me to finish my story. Fanfiction is great because you get instant feedback. You post, and within hours reviews and favorites and follows start to flood your inbox. It’s great!

I wish writing fiction were as responsive. I edited ten pages of my WIP today and what did I get? A sore neck and nothing else. At the same time, I got a favorite for my story that was finished two years ago. This was so motivational! I wish I got these emails more often. I wish I still got comments (why do those dry up?). I want more writers to tell me they love my story, to PM me asking for updates.

In summary, I feel like writing Fanfiction. I want that feedback, that love, and that encouragement that I have yet to find anywhere else in such quantity. Nothing against all of you; you’re wonderful and I love your comments. But the feedback on my fiction writing is different. It’s motivating in a different way.

Did or do any of you write fanfiction? What fandom? Did you find it motivating?

Until next time, write on.

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