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Harry Potter Lessons: No One is Insignificant

9 Apr

I think the phrase ‘the smallest of people can make the biggest difference’ is a bit cliché. I’d rather say, ‘If Neville Longbottom can change the world, so can you!’ The Harry Potter series is full of characters who think they’re small or insignificant, whom society has told they don’t matter. And these people make the story what it is. They defy this and go on to do great things.

NevilleMy favorite example is Neville Longbottom (if you couldn’t tell). Here’s a boy that everyone overlooked and thought couldn’t achieve a thing. And what does he do? Kill. A. Horcrux. Yeah, big deal. Not only that, but he’s a major part of the resistance in Hogwarts right before the battle. Here’s someone who came from the dopey kid who lost his toad to be a military leader. Is there anything more significant than that? Never overlook someone who seems unimportant. Everyone matters

DobbyLet’s not forget a favorite character in the series; Dobby. I love how Dobby never admitted that he was small and he never let that stop him. When we first meet Dobby, he seems annoying and pesky. But we learn that he saved Harry’s life! More than once, I might add. He tried to keep Harry from school and the basilisk that could kill him and later took a knife for him. There are more times that Dobby came into play, such as when he helped catch Mundungus, and he’s a great character for comic relief. He teaches the reader about loyalty. He was indentured to the Malfoy’s and expected to show them loyalty, but knew that his true loyalty should and did lie with Harry. Great lessons there.

AberforthAberforth never wanted to play a part in his brother’s war. He wanted to make himself insignificant and stand in the background. Slowly, he stuck his neck out a bit at a time. He created a way to get into Hogwarts to talk to the DA members holed up there. He helped Harry when he needed it, breaking the law multiple times to protect a fugitive. He sent Dobby when Harry was in trouble. He wanted to stand down and keep to himself, but he made a huge difference in the success of Harry’s mission. Aberforth realized that he needed to take a stand for what he knew was right and that stand made a world of difference.

LunaLuna Lovegood was always looked at as an oddball. She read upside down, thought there were rockspurts in Harry’s head, could see thestrals, and made friends with ghosts. But in the end, she’s a major part of the revolution and war. She’s smart and more resourceful than anyone thought she was. The low expectations people set for her were easy for her to overcome and she proved herself to be a fierce warrior. There’s a reason she’s in Ravenclaw, but I would argue she’d make a great Gryffindor.

There are many minor characters in the book that play a big role: the Gray Lady, Tonks, Regulus Black, etc. I could go on and one. These are the first four that come to mind. What other characters would you think to add to this list? Is there one in particular that you think defied his or her low expectations? Please let me know in the comments below. I love talking about this series with you all, it’s a favorite of mine.

Until next time, write on.

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