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Happy 2nd Birthday to Taking on a World of Words!

7 Sep

2 YearTwo years! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for two whole years now, it seems like a crazy idea I came up with last year. I think I need to start calling myself a blogger now, huh? If this blog was a person, it would be able to:

  • Understand spatial relationships
  • Put together basic sentences
  • Remember past experiences
  • Begin potty training.

The Terrible Twos. I hope my blog doesn’t go through phases of public temper tantrums, but I do hope it spreads its wings and can start going to the bathroom, er, existing without me for a while. School is picking up again and this blog and I are about to go through some rough times.

Last year I used a lot of numbers to show my blog’s age. This year, I think showing the growth is important, too. Since taking over WWW Wednesday, I’ve seen a lot more traffic and I only hope that continues in the future. I love meeting you all and bonding over books. All these numbers were prepared on the 5th, the date of my blogoversary.


I guess I’m still one of the internet’s top authorities on The Light Between Oceans. I’m really looking forward to that movie. It’s nice to see the big uptake in comments and followers. You all make me so happy when I see a new follower notification. I’m even happier when I have a new WWW Wednesday participant! I look forward to Wednesday every week.

Thank you to every person reading this. Having your support and knowing you want to discuss books makes me happier than I could have imagined. It’s great to know there’s a world of readers out there like me who want to share a love of books and reading. We’re so lucky to find one another.

Until next time, write on.

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