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Movie Review: Authors Anonymous

3 Mar
Image via FIlmAffinity

Image via FIlmAffinity

I can’t remember who it was, but someone told me that as a writer and a member of a book club, I had to watch ‘Authors Anonymous.’ I was told it perfectly summed up every person you meet at a writers group. And it DOES! It was the perfect movie for anyone who writes or lives with a writer or talks to a writer. Let’s look at the characters.

Colette– She’s the one you hope you’re not. It’s obvious early on that her book is just not good. Female characters with terrible internal dialogue are screaming Fifty Shades of Grey before she can do it herself. She’s selfish and thinks money can buy her talent. She’s the one character I hope no one in my group sees me as. Have I seen these people? Yes, of course. What do I do? Suggest a lot of changes and make a lot of notes! The other writers in the group didn’t give her any constructive feedback and I think that’s the biggest insult they could give her.

Alan- The guy who always has a new idea but can’t seem to get anything down on paper. Yep, I’ve met these before, too. They never have anything to share but always want to talk through a different idea. I find prompt writing works well to get out of this kind of phase but it’s up to this writer to keep the prompt going.

John K. Butzin- By far my favorite character! He’s a very modern writer who’s convinced he can find overnight success through the self-published market. In fact, as he finds, profits from self-published work are very slim and success is rarely close at hand. He’s so cocky he refers to himself by his full name. He’s looking at the printed book before he edits the summary. There are so many writers like this that it’s frustrating. You can be a writer and even a published writer and not be successful. I loved him for the comedy, but I wanted to slap this guy.

William- I hated him the second he said “Bukowski”. I’ve only read one Bukowski novel and hated it. He’s a writer who doesn’t write (yes, I’m guilty of this) but wants to be seen as an artist. He hangs out in cafe’s all day so people will ask him about his writing because he likes the attention. Personally, I like writing at home or at libraries. I know some people work well in a coffee shop or whatever and that’s fine. But I’ve met the people who ‘write’ one short story or poem and milk it for all the attention it’s worth for a long time. That’s William and I wanted to punch him. (Side note: I figured out why the actor looked so familiar. He plays Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls.)

Hannah- Little miss lucky! There will always be someone like this in a writers group. Someone who writes well, not great, but well, and has a lucky break to get an opportunity to be published. Few instances involve the success Hannah found with her debut novel. She was, however, very humble about it and I appreciated that about her. Of course, everyone was jealous of her and, of course, they wanted to get to her agent but I thought she handled it well. Honestly, until the end when she started to seem like fame had gotten to her head, I adored her. She’s the person you like having in your writing group but you wish she had the educational background to give you real advice like…

Henry- The guy you’re rooting for the whole time! The guy who’s devoted his life to being a writer, to finding a way of getting his name and story into the hearts and minds of millions not because he wants to be famous but because he has something to say. He was supportive of everyone (even Colette!) and could give good advice about characters and themes. If I could get into a writers group filled with Henrys, I’d be in heaven.

The movie was really cute and if you’re a writer or have ever encountered a writers group, I’d be sure to check it out.

Until next time, write on.

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