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That Day I Was Ready to Go To Hogwarts

19 Apr

Here’s a short but fun post for y’all. My birthday was at the end of March and my very thoughtful husband tried to get me something invaluable and it worked about 70%.

He wrote a letter to J.K. Rowling for me. He explained that she is one of my role models and how I want to enjoy even 1% of her success in my lifetime. He begged her to write me back, but, alas, Ms. Rowling receives too many letters to write back to everyone . I did, however, get this.


I almost died. It’s a very nice form letter with a printed signature, but it’s still wonderful. Here’s the opening line:

I hear you are a great fan of “Harry’s!” [Husband’s name] has told me all about you and you sound like an amazing person. I’m sorry to say that I now receive so much mail that I cannot write to everyone individually, much as  would like to.

Yeah, it’s pretty rocking and very thoughtful of the hubbs to think of this for me.

Anyone else have a Rowling letter? Anyone lucky enough to get an individualized response? My jealousy will be astronomical.

Until next time, write on.

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