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Ten Things that Don’t Seem As Important When You Realize Your Book Club Meets in Three Days

25 Jul

Alternatively titled ‘Things Book Nerds Give Up When A Book Gets Good.’

  1. Television. TV isn’t important when the story in your hands is calling.
  2. Sleep. I’ll just read one more chapter before bed.
  3. Eating well. Who wants to cook when you could be reading?
  4. Exercise. Reading is an exercise for the mind!
  5. Talking. There’s no time for speaking when there are words to read!
  6. Human interaction. If I avoid everyone, I can read more.
  7. Food. Forget eating well, there’s no time to eat at all.
  8. A social life. I could go to dinner with my friend, but then I might miss out on two chapters.
  9. Personal hygiene. Because you can’t take a book in the shower.
  10. Writing good blog posts. My apologies for this one, I’m frantically reading!

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