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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2

8 Sep
Image via Atlanta Black Star

Image via Atlanta Black Star

I’m really starting to understand this obsession with Game of Thrones. My husband and I flew through season 2 and upon writing this, we’ve watched the first three episodes of season 3… in one day. We’ll probably watch one more before we go to bed tonight.

Things I Thought Were Awesome


The Red Lady. In the book, I loved the descriptions of Melisandre. She was cunning and beautiful and terrifying. I thought the TV show did a great job of bringing her character to life. I thought she was crazy, to be sure, but I understand why Stannis is so taken with her and her powers. Kudos.

The Tyrells. I will admit I didn’t understand the importance of the Tyrells when I read the book. I didn’t realize Margaery and Loras were siblings and I didn’t understand that Joffrey’s new wife was Renly’s old one. Seeing the actress (and I love Natalie Dormer) helped me make the connections. Also, Googling characters so I spell their names right here is ruining the series for me. I’m going to have to stop writing these.

Changes That Didn’t Really Bother Me

Pushing back the Reeds. I was nervous at the end of season 2 when the Reed siblings hadn’t shown up. As I said, I’m now a little into season three and I’m relieved they showed up. I get why they were pushed back. There was a lot to convey in the last few episodes of the season and introducing more characters doesn’t make it any easier.

Robb’s wife. I’m either completely blanking or this was added to the show. I don’t remember Robb taking a wife though there might have been some kind of a flirtation? I don’t recall, really. Anyway, seeing him with a woman has helped humanize him. I think he was very much the warrior in the book and he felt kind of cold.

Cover image via Goodreads

Cover image via Goodreads

Things That Were Taken Out and I’m Still Wondering Why

Sansa’s escape. In the novel, Ser Dontos was trying to help Sansa escape for the better part of the novel. Though, he didn’t seem to be making much progress or really doing anything to help. The quick remark by the hound about helping her get out was a lot less convincing than Dontos had been. I don’t get why this was taken out.

Things That Changed Too Much

The House of the Undying. I was so upset. I waited the whole season for this because it was one of my favorite parts of the book. Daenerys had to use her wits and figure out the puzzle of the house rather than escape a trap, which is how it felt to me in the book. It was such a drawn out ordeal with so many intricacies and I loved it in the book. The show made it a quick ordeal in my mind and I was really let down.

I’m beyond what I’ve read now so I won’t be posting these for other seasons. I’m looking forward to not knowing what comes next. Is there any dissenting opinion? Do you all like the TV adaptation of A Game of Thrones?

Until next time, write on.

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