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Taking a Book Off My TBR

6 Apr

This winter, I’ve made some serious progress knocking books off of the physical TBR shelf in my house. The more I take off, the more those remaining stick out to me. There’s one I’m tempted to take off.

This book was a giveaway win that’s been languishing for a long time. To be honest, I forgot I entered to win it when I was contacted and notified. It took another few months for the book to get to me and when it did, I didn’t have time to pick it up so it got put on the shelf and ignored. Since then, I’ve looked up reviews on Goodreads and haven’t been too excited about what I saw. The book is long and a lot of the reviews said it had a meandering plot and was hard to follow.

I talked to my husband about this on our last road trip. He offered to read the first chapter for me when he finishes his current book and let me know what he thinks. I’m tempted to ditch it without asking him to read it simply because I don’t think it will maintain my interest.

I have to know, what do you think, Reader?

I’ll let you know as this unfolds. This is a bookie version of a thriller. 🙂

Until next time, write on.

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