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My Big Book Dilema

18 Jul

My big West Coast trip is coming up fast! I’m beyond excited and starting to put together my baggage. I’m having some serious bookish struggles, though. I need your help, Readers!

I posted this on Instagram yesterday and I’m still struggling with what to do. I have about 150 pages left in this book and I’ve been reading it forever because it’s quite the chunk! I love Irving and I’m finally into the book and enjoying it so I hate to put it aside for a trip, but it’s so big! It’s going to take up a lot of precious space! Especially for only 150 more pages, I’m wondering if it’s worth it.

The other side to this is that I plan on selling the books I finish to a used book store while I’m on my trip. I’ll then buy some more so it’s kind of like recycling, right? So, if I take this book, I won’t bring it home. This makes me sad because I love John Irving and I won’t be able to add this one to my collection (which is a measly 4 right now despite how many of his titles I’ve read). Not bringing it home is making me teary.

I’m so lost and having some serious bookworm problems, Reader. What should I do? Help a girl out.

Until next time, write on.

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