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Book Gem in Vancouver, BC For the Traveling Bookworm

8 Aug

I hadn’t picked out a bookstore in Vancouver to visit but it was recommended to me that I check out MacLeod’s Books. I would normally link to the site here, but they don’t really have a website. I’m sad to say this was my least favorite of the three bookstores I visited, but it’s hard to compete with the other two!

MacLeod’s is a used bookstore located downtown. Because of its location, it’s not that large and as a used bookstore, it’s in a state of disarray. Now, this is nothing unusual for those of us who like to wander through used bookstores but after running across a number that were impeccably organized lately, it’s a bit of a disappointment.

I walked in and tried to sell my copy of A Son of the Circus to the man behind the counter but was informed that the buy-back person wasn’t in but would be back shortly. I decided to take a look around while I waited and see what I could find.

Like many used bookstores, the history sections were huge! I took a walk through because I feel the non-fiction in a store talks a lot about the area it’s located. This store focused heavily on First Nation (that’s Native American to us Americans) and war history. Sometimes this reflects the owner so that might be a part of it, too.

I was very happy to find a book that had been on my ‘going to have to buy it’ list on Goodreads! I picked up Singing Him My Song by Malachy McCourt. I added this to my list after reading Angela’s Ashes because Malachy is Frank McCourt’s younger brother! Malachy has a few books out but this was one I could never find. It felt like finding buried treasure!

My husband wanted to leave and I was about done with my explorations so I headed to the counter and was lucky that the buy-back guy (I think he was the owner) was there. I handed him my copy of A Son of the Circus and told him I wanted to sell it. He told me that they don’t move that title well in hardcover and that it wasn’t a popular one so he could only give me $5 CAD for it. I was kind of impressed he knew all of this without looking anything up! On the other hand, he could have been making it up and I wouldn’t have known, haha. The book I wanted was $15 CAD so I was happy to get out for $10 CAD.

It was a quick visit and not my favorite place, but I still came out with a book I’ve been searching for ages so I think that’s a win. Especially when you see how many books were packed into this place! And I was happy to lighten my load back, swapping a 600 page hardcover for a 300 page one.

Until next time, write on.

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