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5 Reasons Readers Don’t Make Great Students

26 Oct

In honor of my midterm tonight, I thought I’d avoid studying and provide you all with this lovely list of reasons readers aren’t always the best students. Please add more if you have them!

1. If the historical fiction version was better, I’m going to consider that history.

In my book, Ken Follett and Philippa Gregory wrote 1200-1500 English history.

2. I’ll read until I fall asleep, but it’s not my textbook.

That puts me to sleep too quickly. I need some plot!

3. I’m reading during lectures, but it’s still not the textbook.

It may be hidden inside my textbook or on my phone, but it’s not about management theory.

4. I’m tired in the morning classes because I HAD TO finish the last 100 pages last night.

So. Worth. It.

5. If I find another reader in class, you can forget about me being quiet and respectful.

If someone else wants to debate if Harry could control the Basilisk because he is a Horcrux, I’m going to have that conversation.

Can we keep this list going? How does being a reader clash with your ability to be a student? Until next time, write on!

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