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Happy 5th Birthday to Taking on a World of Words!

13 Sep

It seemed appropriate that this happened on a Wednesday! Last week I had my 5th Blogoversary and I’m so excited to share it with all of you! There aren’t many things I’ve done for five years straight so I’m proud that this has been a constant in my life.

One of my rituals on my blogoversary is to think what my blog would be able to do if it were a child. My mother might prefer it another way, but this is what I’ve got.

  • Learn to sing and dance
  • Can tell the difference between reality and fiction
  • Tells a simple story using full sentences
  • Uses the future tense
  • Can print some letters and numbers
  • Can do a somersault.

It’s time for Kindergarten! No longer a toddler, I’ve got a school-aged blog on my hands.

Yet again, here are some numbers to show my blog’s growth over the past year. Numbers are taken from 19-Sep, so four days after my blogoversary. It came on so fast I didn’t have time to celebrate right away.

Why am I feeling like my book is being plagiarized for high school English essays? These search terms are making me uncomfortable. Hm. I can’t thank my loyal readers enough for engaging with me here on my blog. I think the referrers and clicks really show! I’m really blessed to have individuals reading here who love books as much as I do and who enjoy WWW Wednesday and the community it has created. It’s been a joy to run this blog and learn about new books from other book lovers. You all make this experience worthwhile.

Thank you all so much for reading along with my reading adventures. I love sharing a love of books with you all. You make finishing a book even more exciting!

Until next time, write on.

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