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Get Ready: 2019 When Are You Reading? Challenge

17 Dec

I’ll post about this weekly for the next month or so. I’m excited to kick it off today! Look at this amazing image my loving husband put together for us this year. Isn’t it great?

I’ve decided on one small change this year. I’ve struggled to find books set in the 1600s for two years. It’s just not a very exciting time in world history! So I’ve decided to make 1500-1699 one category, 1300-1499 another, and make the earliest Pre-1300. We’ll see how this helps this year. So, here are the time periods:

  • Pre 1300
  • 1300-1499
  • 1500-1699
  • 1700-1799
  • 1800-1899
  • 1900-1919
  • 1920-1939
  • 1940-1959
  • 1960-1979
  • 1980-1999
  • 2000-Present
  • The Future

Quick and simple! It averages to one book per month, a cinch for readers like you! I usually find I fill up 2/3 of the time periods without trying and then find myself searching to fill the last few around October. It’s really a joy and I’ve loved doing it the past few years. I’ve created a homepage for the challenge and I’ve got my progress page all set up. If you want to join in, let me know! I’ll add a link to your progress page/post or blog to the list of participants.

I hope you’ll join me. Happy reading!

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