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When Are You Reading?: Challenge Insight 1

24 Dec

I want to focus on and feature the When Are You Reading? 2019 Challenge this week. And I want to give myself a break over the holiday. Double win.

I’ve moved some of the time periods over the past few years but there are always a few eras I enjoy more than most. 1500-1699 is great for European history and always seems to delight. The future gives me fun ideas of how our world could change.

But far and away, my favorite is 1920-1939. I think this is a great period for US history, involving Prohibition and the Great Depression. For the rest of the world, Depressions and pre-World War II events were happening as well. With so much of our world involved in WWII, it’s interesting to see what built up to it. I’m also a little sick of the WWII novels out now (just too many to count!) and can appreciate the change an inter-war era book brings.

What’s your favorite time period? Let me know in the comments and consider joining in this challenge to push yourself to read others.

Until next time, write on.

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