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NaNoWriMo: Day 30 (2019)

30 Nov


Today’s word count: 2,750
(Yesterday’s word count: 918)
Total word count: 50,010

Yesterday was a bit of a letdown writing-wise. Our first flight was too short for me to justify getting the laptop out and the layover wasn’t long enough either. Plus, I had to eat. I got it out on our second flight but my batter is terrible right now and only lasted twenty minutes. Plus, when I was checking to see that I had 15 minutes left, my laptop shut down on its own and I LOST A PAGE! Yeah, devastating. So I had more than 918 yesterday, but it’s all lost now. Today I wrote in a few spurts so I didn’t get worn out and knew I could finish. It’s a little later in the day than I would like, but it feels SO GOOD.

As expected, I finished the story shy of 50,000 words. I went back in and added a scene during a slow part of the plot so it all worked out in the end but parts of it feel a bit too strung out. I think this is a rather short story so it needs a subplot and I have some ideas for what it could be.

Tomorrow I start getting caught up on blog posts, a different writing marathon. I have so many to do, it’s a bit daunting. But then again, so is 50,00 words.

Until next time, write on.

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