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Writing Check In- February 2020

4 Feb

I’ve been wanting to dedicate more time to writing. My husband had the suggestion of making a monthly feature to talk about my writing and how it’s going. It helps keep me honest(ish) and lets you all know when my masterpiece will be released to the world!

I heard back from the first agency I submitted to and, unfortunately, they’ve passed. Oh well, I didn’t expect the first one to stick. I wish I’d gotten some feedback from them, but no. I wrote back thanking them for their time and moved on.

The submission marathon continues! I’ve submitted it to three more agencies. I heard back from one almost immediately and they passed. I must have hit that agent at just the right time of the morning! Another wrote back that she passed and I was feeling courageous and asked her what made her say no. No response yet, but I’d love to get some substantial feedback.

I’ve changed my pitch letter a little, too. I added more of my elevator pitch which has intrigued some people in the past. I’m hoping that the new hook might get agents to read a little further. Fingers crossed.

I’m wondering how soon I need to seriously consider going to a writers’ conference. I know it’s a big expense, but it might be the information I need to really move forward with this project. It could give me an insight into where I’m falling short and maybe some more details on how I could edit in a different way or look for agents in new places.

The next agency I plan to pitch to has a lot of information for writers on their website. I’m exploring it as much as I can before I submit. So this next one might take a while, but I think it will help me make some positive changes.

Until next time, write on.

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