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600 Books

17 Mar

One of the things I love about Goodreads is that it tracks how much you’ve read. I love the data about my average length, average rating, reading speeds, etc. I love data so it’s perfect for me to nerd out.

And it gives me great milestones. Recently, I added my 600th book to my Read shelf! Now, I know that about 70 of those were ones I marked as ‘Read’ when I signed up to the platform and wanted to add some of my old favorites. But that still means I’ve read over 500 books since signing up in 2012.

I know for some book bloggers, I read like a turtle. And since I love turtles, I’m OK with this. I’ve seen people with Read lists in the 1000s or more. This is a fun landmark for me and I’m excited to have made it here. I’m sure I’ll post again at 700 which will be in about 2 years or so. Imagine the celebration when I reach 1000.

Until next time, write on.

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