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How to Read Four Books At a Time

21 Apr

Every week during WWW Wednesday, someone will comment on how many books I read at once. Usually, it’s surprise that I’m in the middle of so many or that I’m moving forward with them all. This is something I’ve learned to do because I like reading this way. I realize it’s not for everyone or even for most people but it works for me. Here’s a brief overview of a typical workday (before COVID 19 and since COVID 19).

Pre-COVID 19

  • I wake up early to workout. This often involves a run. During a run, I’ll listen to the audiobook on my phone (Book 1).
  • After showing, I’ll drive to work. If I’m listening to an audiobook on CD, I get some of that while driving to work (Book 2).
  • During lunch, I’ll try to read some from my ebook (Book 3) on my phone and let people think I’m checking Instagram. Sometimes I do both.
  • After work, I get some more time in with my CD audiobook (Book 2).
  • While cooking dinner, I listen to my phone audiobook (Book 1).
  • Before bed, I read some of my physical book (Book 4).

With COVID 19

  • I wake up and workout, usually bodyweight exercises, and listen to the audiobook on my phone (Book 1).
  • I take a short break before starting my day to read and have my tea (Book 2).
  • If I’m having trouble focusing during the day, I read a page in my ebook (Book 3). It takes only a minute and it helps me refocus on the task at hand without getting up to explore the kitchen.
  • After work, I relax with a few more pages of my book (Book 2). I’ve turned my commute into reading.
  • While I cook dinner, I’ll listen to my phone audiobook (Book 3) or we’ll go pick up carry out to support our local restaurants and restaurant workers which allows me to listen to the audiobook in my car (Book 4).

So of course, some things have had to change. I’m getting through physical books faster and CD audiobooks much slower. I’m adjusting to that. I’ll avoid CD audiobooks and enjoy the time to make headway on my TBR shelf. We’ll all get through this and cope as best we can. To everyone else coping by reading, I salute you.

Until next time, write on.

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