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Writing Check In- June 2020

2 Jun

I’ve been wanting to dedicate more time to writing. My husband had the suggestion of making a monthly feature to talk about my writing and how it’s going. It helps keep me honest(ish) and lets you all know when my masterpiece will be released to the world!

Again, not much to report. I’m currently reading a book about writing, Fiction Writer’s Workshop by Josip Novakovich. I thought this might inspire me to try some of the writing exercises or to do some editing to my existing works but I’ve got nothing. I’m not even getting ideas for new books. I’m reading it slowly and filing the information away for ‘later,’ whenever that might happen to be.

With triathlon season in full swing, I anticipated not having a lot of time for writing, submitting, or editing right now. I didn’t anticipate a complete lack of interest in writing, either. I’m not sure what will finally light a fire under me and get me writing again. Anyone got a match?

Until next time, write on.

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