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Challenge Update, First Quarter 2022

5 Apr

I think quarterly is going to be my new thing. I can actually finish a few books in that time frame (I hope) so there’s something to post about! You can look at my progress at any time on my challenge page.

Books finished in January, February, and March:

The Ghosts of Eden Park by Karen Abbott (3/5)
Tabula Rasa by Ruth Downie (3/5)

Unsurprisingly, this was all audio again. I’m slowly starting to get back to print books, but I’m not going to be surprised if it takes me a while.

When Are You Reading? Challenge

As usual, I’m starting off strong at the beginning of the year. It’s easy to knock out new time periods when you’re only finished with one or two books. This will be a bit challenge this year so I’ll have to focus on it and be very deliberate about my books.

Goodreads Challenge

I’m already behind, haha. I know 15 is a really low goal compared to where I am normally, but I think it’s reasonable with how much my life has changed. The lack of a work commute also makes this a lot harder. I think I can hit 15, but it’s going to take some work.

41JYZlm4QsLBook of the Quarter

This doesn’t mean a whole lot when there are only two to choose from, but I’ll pick Tabula Rasa by Ruth Downie for this quarter with full recognition that this might be a recency bias. Downie is always good for a laugh and I did laugh my way through this one. It was enjoyable and got me to add the seventh book to my TBR. Speaking of which…

Added to my TBR

39 is a very manageable number! Though higher than last month. I hope I can keep picking away at this.

  • The Puzzler // A.J. Jacobs. I will read almost anything Jacobs writes. He’s a perpetual favorite and I can’t wait to see what else he’s explored.
  • Running with Sherman // Christopher McDougall. I loved McDougall’s other running related book so I’m excited to see what else he can share about running culture.
  • Vita Brevis // Ruth Downie. I’ll be happy to dive into book seven in this series. I’ve not been let down yet.

How are your challenges going? I hope your year is starting off well. If you’re interested in the When Are You Reading? Challenge for 2022, I’m hosting again so you can click here to learn more and let me know if you want in.

Until next time, write on.

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