2022 in Books

5 Jan

I haven’t done this for a few years but thought I’d pick it up again. It’s a great way to reflect on my reading year.

I read 24 books in 2022. My goal was 15 so I’ve exceeded it by 9! After failing to meet it in 2021, I set a low bar so this is very welcome. I’m going to try to do meet 24 again in 2023 and see how that goes.

I read 7,744 pages. That’s fewer than 2021 by about 700, so not terribly far off. I read a lot of shorter books this year, so I’m not surprised by that. I’ve been making an effort the past month to read instead of scrolling social media and I’m hoping that will help me increase this for 2023.

The shortest book I read was the Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince graphic novels. Graphic novels tend to be shorter so I’m not surprised this 112 page story came in at the shortest. The longest was Troubled Blood at 944 pages. The funny thing is how fast I read this one! I was so absorbed I read it in 10 days. Both of these were ebook reads, which is funny with how much I have struggled with ebooks in the past. You get a lot of ebook time when you’re nursing an infant! My average book was 322 pages, which feels about right for the books I like to pick up.

My average rating was a 3.2. This doesn’t surprise me because I felt like I struggled with a lot of my books this year and let them languish because I wasn’t enjoying them.

5 Stars: 2
4 Stars: 5
3 Stars: 13
2 Stars: 4

This supports how I felt about reading this year. It was very middle-of-the-road in a lot of ways. I’m hoping I can find some books I enjoyed more in 2023!

Thanks for taking a look at stats with me! If you’ve been here a while, you know I love numbers and book-related numbers are the best.

Until next time, write on.

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7 Responses to “2022 in Books”

  1. margaret21 January 5, 2023 at 10:57 AM #

    I’m always interested by other people’s stats, but not having a mathematical bone in my body, I never think of producing my own. I sense you are a harsher maker than me. I had a LOT of four star reads last year. I wonder if they’d get the same ‘marks’ if I did it again? Interesting stuff!


    • Sam January 5, 2023 at 11:44 AM #

      Goodreads calculates these for me so I don’t have to be mathematically minded at all! A book that doesn’t sway me one way or the other gets 3 for me. Sometimes books I like still get 3 if they felt run of the mill. I’m pretty critical. Happy reading!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Shannon January 5, 2023 at 11:08 AM #

    Cool that you keep track of pages and the shortest and longest. I’m going to try that this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sam January 5, 2023 at 11:42 AM #

      Goodreads does it for me! It makes it a lot easier haha. Happy reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aymee January 5, 2023 at 12:03 PM #

    Man, if Kindles were a thing when my girls were little… I’d have gotten a heck of a lot more reading done.

    You had a great year though and congrats on the little one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sam January 5, 2023 at 12:14 PM #

      Ebooks while nursing is game changing! I hadn’t thought about it until a friend told me she did it. Happy reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. MrsDMVH January 6, 2023 at 10:53 AM #

    Fantastic job with your 2022 reading stats!

    Liked by 1 person

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