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Book Gem in Chatham, MA (Cape Cod) For the Traveling Bibliophile

22 Aug

img_3291My husband and I traveled to Cape Cod, Massachusetts for a family vacation a few weeks ago. We all split up after lunch to explore the town of Chatham on our own and you can bet I headed straight for the bookstore! I’d walked past Yellow Umbrella¬†Books on our way to lunch and I couldn’t wait to head back and check it out.

Chatham is a small town and almost all the shops catered to tourists like us who were there for the summer to enjoy the beach and the warm weather. This bookstore fit that perfectly. The outside had a shelf of used books for sale and it invited us in to take a look around. There were a lot of new books and those that were used tended to be popular titles. Some were rare and out of print and the store had a good collection of bookish accessories. I bought a bookmark with a painted turtle on it myself. It was quite cute! The journals made a good display. A lot of the books prominently displayed were (of course) more of the ‘beach read’ variety. The store knows its audience well!

What really captured my attention was the decorations they still had up for their Harry Potter and the Cursed Child release. They were spectacular and this is just the type of place I would want to find if I was on vacation for the release. It looks like a great party!

I’ll be sure to report out on my next adventure! Planning is still in process to be prepared for anything!

Until next time, write on.

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