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My First ComicCon: Clinton-Macomb Public Library

15 May

I almost forgot to write this post! A few weeks ago, I went to my first ComicCon. It was a ‘baby con’ as my friend and organizer said. It was put on at a library about an hour away from me and it was their first annual event. I wanted to go over some highlights of my experience.

My favorite event was the wine tasting. They themed it after Cerci from Game of Thrones but in reality it was a normal wine tasting without much GoT references. I think I liked this one because there were crackers and wine. It was still fun.

I sat in on a panel about CosPlay which was really interesting. I’m going to PotterCon next week and it got me thinking about how I want to dress for it and I have some really good ideas (pictures to come!). CosPlay was something I felt really nervous about because I’m not very creative and worried that whatever I wore wouldn’t be ‘good enough.’ Hearing the panelists talk about their first costumes and how they honed their skills over time was reassuring. I feel like I can mess up now and it will still be OK. I have to start somewhere!

We did some pop culture trivia that I wasn’t too great at. We missed the Harry Potter trivia unfortunately. I’m not sure how I would have matched up in that one.

There was this throne. Which was awesome. Who does it better, my husband or me? It’s probably him.

One thing I didn’t explore much (and I feel bad about this) was the local author tables. I got there in the middle of their set-up and took a quick walk through but didn’t stop at any table. A big part of this is that most of their books were high fantasy and that’s not a genre I tend to enjoy. Another part is that I’m not good about reading self-published authors. If you follow my blog, you know I read mostly books by major publishing houses. I’m always nervous about books that aren’t through a big publisher and I’m one to look at a lot of reviews and ratings before I decide to read a book. I also have a backlog of books to read that’s keeping me from picking up new ones. Am I a terrible person?

The organizers set up a game where you had to find symbols from major fandoms around the library that each corresponded to a letter and then unscramble the letters to make a sentence. We did it but must not have won because we never got a call or a prize. I wondered if this is something done at normal ComicCons because it was really fun and forced us to explore the entire event space.

Overall, it was a really fun event and very well attended. I hope they do it again next year and I might have to consider dressing up.

Until next time, write on.

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