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NaNoWriMo: My Day 3 2016

12 Nov

Better late than never, right?

Today’s writing time (30 goal): 40
This Week’s writing time (90 goal): 105
Total time for the month (630 goal): 105

I wanted to have this done much earlier in they day but we had a small family emergency. My dad almost lost part of his finger but he got to the hospital and they were able to recover everything. YAY! So I’m dad-sitting right now while my mom goes to an event she’s been planning on for months. He’s happily watching The Flash so I’m on his computer.

I got through a bit scene in my novel and was able to add a few things I think it was missing. There was some things that warranted dialogue that had been skipped, a location change that had been promised several scenes before that I added, and I had to change the ending because one of the characters with a big role in that part isn’t in the novel at this point. Woops! This is what happens when you make big edits. I also changed the hair color of my male protagonist so I keep catching those slip ups.

I wanted to get more done today but daughter-ness called. Maybe I’ll get a little more in tomorrow? Maybe?

Until next time, write on.

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