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NaNoWriMo: My Day 7 2016

16 Nov

So… not so good with the writing again. And I suspect tomorrow will be the same.

Today’s writing time (30 goal): 0
This Week’s writing time (210¬†goal): 200
Total time for the month (630 goal): 305

If it makes any difference, I got a yoga ball today. And I did WWW Wednesday and answered all those so YOU’RE WELCOME! But no, I got no writing done, sadly. I was asked to play bar trivia and I love trivia so I said yes. And then we were terrible. Like, really terrible. I was confident when I shouldn’t have been and second-guessed when I shouldn’t have.

Tomorrow I’ll be at the Fantastic Beasts premier so I’m guessing no writing again. I’m so excited thinking about it that I could cry. And I probably will tonight. And tomorrow. But I hope to write on Friday! I’m setting long-term goals.

Until next time, write on.

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