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Book Club Selections

19 Feb

I joined my two book clubs a little over a year ago and I’m so glad that I did. I’ve met some wonderful women and men who share my passion for reading and can get into some heated discussions over books, something I absolutely love.

Both of my book clubs have always been great about taking member suggestions for reads. We vote on what we’d like to read, but if ultimately boils down to what the library can afford to buy for us and what’s available in paperback. We have to publish our schedule about six months in advance as well. This rules out a lot of last minute changes and recent bestsellers (unless they went to paperback quickly). Because I read outside of the clubs, this has never bothered me.

The one thing I’ve mused on before is the books I was introduced to because of my book clubs that I never would have touched otherwise. There were some I loved (Room by Emma Donoghue) and others I was not as much of a fan of (The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman). But in any case, I still tried them.

Save one. I skipped in November for NaNoWriMo and because the book we were reading was a 900 page biography of Lyndon Johnson. I’ve never been much of one for presidential biographies and I skipped it for the timing/length/topic.

Have you ever skipped a book club selection because it didn’t interest you? What will cause you to skip a selection, if you ever have?

I know there’s ones I was thinking of skipping and I was glad I didn’t (reading The River of Doubt on my honeymoon for example) so I always wonder about the one I did.

Let me know your thoughts in a comment, I love to hear from you! And if you haven’t, please add me on Goodreads!

Until next time, write on.