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25 Sep

This may seem like an odd topic but I’m running short on things to post about this week.

I’m a member of several groups and as a result, I get magazines from them once a quarter. It’s only four total and all with topics I’m very interested in. My problem is that I don’t read them.

I think I’m so driven by this blog and Goodreads that I neglect them. I want to finish a book and post a review. I’m not going to post anything about a really interesting article in Swimmer magazine about correcting my backstroke head position (seriously, great article). I could have spent those 10 minutes reading more of Bel Canto and finishing the book so I can move on to a book club pick.

Does anyone else have a pile of magazines built up? How do you decide on the time you’ll spend reading them versus a book? Should I work on correcting my backstroke head position?

Until next time, write on.

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