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Book Gem in South Haven (MI) for the Traveling Bibliophile

7 Jun


Yet another traveling bibliophile moment for me! Over Memorial Day weekend, I was in South Haven, MI for a wedding. This small town is a popular summer travel destination for Chicago residents looking to get out of the big city for the weekend. The ceremony was late on Sunday so after church, my husband and I headed into town for lunch and some book shopping. Our target was Black River Books, a beautiful store.


img_3021As I told the owners while I was in there, it was one of the cleanest and best organized used book stores I’ve ever seen! This place was crazy organized as far as subject matter and the fiction books, and there were TONS of those, were all alphabetized. I was happy to find the biography and business sectionsĀ alphabetized by author instead of subject which made things infinitely easier for me to find. The great isle headers were super great, too. In addition to telling you what was in the isle, there were labels on each shelf so you knew exactly where to look. I was in nerdy heaven!

I was able to find one book for myself, In The Hand of Dante by Nick Tosches. This has been on my TBR for what feels like years (and in actuality is coming up on 4 years). I could have gotten it from the library, but it popped out to me and I felt like it was a sign! My husband found a comic book about reading comic books. (Trippy, right?) While he was exploring the store, he found this awesome first edition shelf that I had to nerd out over.

How cool is that?! The owners were super nice and the place was really clean. Their two dogs roam the store and I was worried my bad pet allergies would kick in but I had no issues. I would go back again in a heartbeat!

Until next time, write on.

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