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Bout of Books 14: The final verdict!

25 Aug
Bout of Books

This was a great time for me to do Bout of Books. School is starting again soon and I got through a lot of books I was wanting to read but afraid would be neglected when that hecticness starts up. I probably didn’t finish as much as some super-readers, but for me, this was a lot!

  1. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Start: 14.2% (page 49 equivalent). Finish: 89.5% (page 350 equivalent) Total: 301 pages
  2. The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. Start: page 71. Finish: page 392 (end of book). Total: 321 pages
  3. The Scorch Trials by James Dashner. Start: page 1. Finish: page 43. Total: 43 pages.

Daily breakdown

  • Monday: 80 pages
  • Tuesday: 81 pages
  • Wednesday: 69 pages
  • Thursday: 62 pages
  • Friday: 125 pages
  • Saturday: 98 pages
  • Sunday: 150 pages

Grand Total: 665 pages

Hey, I’m proud of it! If you did bout, be proud of what you read, too! This was a lot of fun, even though I didn’t do as many challenges this time. I’m glad I had a reason to power through these books and get excited about reading again. I hope other participants loved it as well.

Happy reading!

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