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1,000 Posts!

9 Jan

Imagine my surprise when I took a quick mental break from work and saw a notification that my post last Tuesday accounted for my 1,000th post! I’m so blessed that you are here following my rantings 1,000 posts in. I wanted to take a minute to share with you what it took for me to get to this point. I didn’t get here overnight by any means. This will probably be a lot like my birthday posts. I do love those.

I started my blog in September, 2013. That means that I’ve had the blog for approximately 1,585 days. That means I post 63% of the time so I’m posting almost 2 out of ever 3 days! I didn’t realize I had so much to say.

I have 133,729 views (as of typing this) meaning each of my posts has been seen an average of 133.729 times (yay math). Now, that’s completely skewed because a WWW Wednesday post will get around 110 views and that’s really high for one of my pages! However, my homepage averages 140 a day alone now and it was below 70 the first year I had this blog. Oh averages.

I have 1,230 followers plus an additional 28 email followers. I see that as each post attracted over one person to follow my blog! Not a bad statistic, but definitely not one I had for a long time on this blog. In fact, I didn’t hit 1,000 followers until May 2017, not too long ago!

You all are so amazing for following me and I’m so blessed to have dedicated readers who (for some reason) care what I have to say about books. You mean the world to me and thank you so much for sticking around for 1,000 posts. Here’s to many, many thousands more.

Until next time, write on.

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