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Be a Friend

18 Jun

No matter where you live, I’m guessing you have a home library. Libraries take many forms across the world, but I’m lucky enough to live in an area with a traditional library system. I love that my library offers more than books. We have movies, audiobooks, games, computer access, classes, lectures and any kind of event you can imagine. In reality, not all of these activities aren’t paid for by city funds. Some of its paid for through grants, but a lot of the money comes from the Friends of the Library.

I joined the Friends of the Library in May of last year. My husband thought it was odd that I would want to join because most members are retired and have money to spend while we were 24 and just beginning to save money for our future. But it was only $20 and there’s little you can do to argue with $20.

I’m serious when I saw it was only $20. I think many people feel that it would be a big donation to join the Friends of the Library, but in my area it’s a very low amount. I’m not sure what it is where you live, but I bet it’s less than you think. I hope you look into it. I sit on the Friends Board of Directors now and I know how many good things can be done with the money the Friends collect. We help create after-school opportunities for children, encourage participation in the summer reading program, and get middle schoolers excited about reading.

Last week we had our annual gala for members and I counted on one hand the number of people who were younger than me in the room and had room left over for those ten years older than me. I hope that being a Friend of the library can be more than an ‘old person’s game’ because, as a future mother, I hold the most stake in the future of our libraries. Libraries educate the community and I can only see that continuing and expanding in the future.

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