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Challenge Update, December 2016

3 Jan

Considering the holiday, I should consider any progress good progress in December. However, I always have higher hopes for myself than I’m ever able to achieve. I wanted to do a lot more reading this month than I ended up doing. Drat. You can look at my progress at any time on my challenge page.

Books finished in December:

Writing the Breakout Novel // Donald Maass
Once Upon a River // Bonnie Jo Campbell
The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt // Caroline Preston

After the tidal wave last month, this isn’t a huge surprise. What is exciting is that all of these were physical books. Yay paper!

When Are You Reading? Challenge

This is my challenge to read a book from 12 different time periods. You can read about it here. And I finished! If you’re interested in joining in on this one for 2017, check out the info page.

Goodreads Challenge

Bam. I’m going back to 50 as my goal for 2017 because 45 didn’t seem like enough of a challenge. We’ll see what I can get through this year.

onceuponBook of the Month

Once Upon a River by Bonnie Jo Campbell really impressed me. I’m hoping others in my book club felt the same way. I’m hoping to read more from Campbell in the future. The ending left me a bit down but the rest of the book was really enjoyable.

Added to my TBR

I only added one! I’m so excited to say my TBR is at 120 now. Maybe a goal for 2017 will be to drop it below 100? I added one book this past month because I couldn’t help but buy it. Come to think of it, I might have to add a few more that I’ve picked up. But that’s a problem for 2017 and this is a post about 2016.

  • The 158-Pound Marriage by John Irving. Many of you know how much of a fan I am of Irving. This is one of his earliest novels and is no longer in print. I found it at a used bookstore and can’t wait to read it.

How were your challenges? I hope you made it. If you love historical fiction, give some thought to my challenge for 2017, it’s fun!

Until next time, write on.

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