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Off Topic Thursday: Side Hustle

27 Aug

With all the stresses of buying a home, I’ve become more interested in a side hustle to earn a little extra money on the side. Without kids, I don’t have a lot going on in the evenings now that my tri training is not a priority and with most social engagements canceled. It would be nice to have a little extra money, I’m just not sure where to turn to find it.

In normal circumstances, I’d probably look at picking up a retail job twice a week but with COIVD raging, I don’t feel safe doing that. I’ve enjoyed working retail when I was younger and I think it could be a fun, low-stress way to make a little extra. I loved my job at an ice cream parlor when I was in high school and I could see myself doing that. Just maybe not now, when I’m spending entire days in my house so I don’t have to interact with people.

I’ve always considered doing resume critiques. I work in recruiting so I see a lot of resumes and I always wished I could say a few things to people to help them improve their resumes. I looked at a few other people who do this service online and the specifics turned me off to it a bit. Their prices are nice and high, but they’re doing unlimited re-writes and 24-hour turnaround. I’m not sure I could comply with that level of service if I’m doing this as a second job. I might try a word-of-mouth service for now because I don’t have the time to make this a full-time gig and be able to compete with those professionals.

I’ve looked into transcription a bit and I think that’s a path I might follow. I’ve got to finish reading the style guide and take an ‘entrance test’ but this seems like a good side gig for me. The clips I’d transcribe are short and I could fit in one or two a night and longer times on the weekend. After a long training session, it might be nice to sit down and still feel productive. I could see fitting this in around other things when COVID starts to lift. The nice thing is that there’s no minimum so I can stop if there’s something big going on in my life and pick up if I don’t have a lot going on.

The most obvious answer seemed to be monetizing this blog. I spent a good chunk of time every week writing content and responding to my readers. I wondered if there was a way I could make a little money from the work I’m already putting in. I became an Amazon affiliate, but that’s paid a whopping $1.50 and I have to reach $10 before I’d even see that money so I doubt I become rich off of it. If any of my readers have found a way to monetize their blog, I’d love to hear your stories. I’m not looking to quit my day job, but I’d like to pay for dinner once a month with the money.

Any other thoughts on good side hustles during COVID? How have you been able to keep a little side money coming in while locked down?

Until next time, write on.

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