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How COVID19 Has Changed My Reading Habbits

6 Apr

I think we’re all making adjustments to the new world we find ourselves in. I plan to talk more generally about how it’s affected me later, but I want to talk now about how it’s affected my reading. I’m sure other book lovers are feeling this, too.

Normally, I have about four books going at once: a physical book, an ebook, an audiobook on CD, and an eaudiobook. I read the physical book when I’m home, I read the ebook when I’m at work or waiting at the doctor’s, I listen to the audiobook in my car, and I listen to the eaudiobook when I’m working out, cooking, or doing something else around the house. It’s a good balance and I get to enjoy a little bit of each story every day.

Well, that was before. With COVID19, I’m not driving to work and my kitchen table is also my office. I don’t have a morning commute and instead, have some downtime before I start my workday.

I wake up in the morning and do some light exercise, listening to my eaudiobook. I then take a break to read my physical book for a while until I need to start my workday. Instead of breaking for lunch, I either do an indoor bike ride or go for a run while I enjoy my eaudiobook. In the evening, I read my physical book again.

So there’s a lot less time for my ebook and my physical audiobook. I’ve been trying to pick my ebook up when I think about it, but I don’t think about it much. And I’m not driving much at all but I’ll volunteer for errands periodically so I can have some time in my car to work on my audiobook. They’re both going very slowly when I usually have a good amount of time for each in my day.

So I’m adjusting. I know I’ll go through eadiobooks faster so I’m lining them up for a quick transition to another. I’m finally getting through the large shelf of physical books I’ve been neglecting for a while. And I’m enjoying it all a lot.

We’re all adjusting to this new normal. Our daily routines have been completely changed. I know I’m not alone and I know these are minor adjustments to have to make. I’m not trying to complain; I’m trying to discuss how I’ve adjusted and I’d love to hear what adjustments others have made. Libraries may be closed, but their online resources are still available and so valuable. I hope others are taking advantage of them. We’re lucky to live in a digital world.

Until next time, write on.

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