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Writing Check In- April 2020

7 Apr

I’ve been wanting to dedicate more time to writing. My husband had the suggestion of making a monthly feature to talk about my writing and how it’s going. It helps keep me honest(ish) and lets you all know when my masterpiece will be released to the world!

Well, this isn’t pretty. I’m not even going to pretend things are going well here. I haven’t written and I haven’t submitted anything in well over a month now. I wanted to put this topic off until the end of the month but I’ll start on it now. Corona’s got me down.

I want to start off by saying I’m safe. And I’m lucky to be working from home in a critical industry so I have a job. But, like the majority of people, I’m stuck inside my apartment for the majority of the day. I try to get out once a day to pick up food or go for a run but I’m staying inside. And it’s not fun for me. My husband described me as a wanderer by nature; I don’t do well at home for long periods of time. I’m having to adopt some coping strategies. And they’re not writing.

I’m exercising at least once a day. I’m drinking plenty of tea and water. I’m rewatching favorite movies. I’m tackling cleaning and craft projects that have been lingering. I’m not writing. I’m reading. I’m talking to friends on Zoom. I’m doing laundry. I’m not writing. I’m doing things that are part of my routine and things that bring me joy. Right now, writing isn’t one of them. And I’m okay with that.

Maybe I’ll get into the mood in the next month. Maybe not. I’m supposed to start training for triathlon national championships later in April. I’ll bike and run when I can but there’s no swimming in sight. I haven’t (yet) resorted to my bathtub. I’m thinking about it. I’m going to concentrate on what I can control. This stage of writing, releasing the story to be judged by agents, doesn’t make me feel like I’m in control. I’m going to pass on it until I’m ready to give up some control over my life. I understand that might be a while. And I’m okay with that.

Stay safe, everyone. And until next time, write on.

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