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Life of a NaNoWriMo Rebel: Week 2

17 Nov

To all the others slaving away at NaNo, happy half way! It’s hard for me to measure progress by word count by I know today is a little over 28K for most of you. I’m counting hours still. And it’s been okay. I won’t lie and say it’s going well, but it’s been alright.


Day 10: 30 minutes

Day 11: 30 minutes

Day 12: Nothing

Day 13: Nothing

Day 14: 1 hour

Day 15: 3 hours (more on this later)

Day 16: Nothing

I’m a little inconsistent. I’ll freely admit to that. I like using an hour at a time if I can, but I’ll take the 30 minutes when I can. I had Friday off from work and did my editing between other chores around the house. Saturday was awesome because I went to the Detroit area Midway Madness. We met at a library and had a potluck writing frenzy. It started at 12:30 but I didn’t get there until 4 and the event went till 7. The library let us stay after they closed at 5, which is a huge kudos to this group and how well they’re received by the community. I was able to add over 4,000 words to my manuscript and even won a word wars for a section I was adding completely new. I sat through 4 or 5 word wars (they do them for 20 minutes or more) but only participated in two because I didn’t want to rush editing. In total, I’m up to 21,941 words, but I had about 5K of those when I started. I’m counting this week as a huge win, even if I’m not writing every day.

As far as establishing a habit, I think I’m on my way. I want this to be something I can continue to do after NaNo is over and not making it a stressful thing I do every day helps that. I still go to movies. I still go to book club and even dinner with my Spanish conversation group. But on nights off, I write. I’m going to write ins (another on Tuesday this week) and I’m enjoying the community. I’ve got two new NaNo stickers for my computer (huge win!) and I’m reconnecting with writers. It’s been a really great experience and I can’t wait to (hopefully) fully participate in NaNo next year.

How’s your NaNo? Are you traditional or a rebel like me? I hope you’re enjoying the process as much as I am!

Until next time, write on.

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