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NaNoWriMo: My Day 2 2016

11 Nov

Say what?! It’s not day 2 of NaNo. Well, it is if your final was on Wednesday and you said you’d start doing your NaNo Rebel editing on Thursday. And it’s even better if you skipped writing Thursday to play Harry Potter themed bar trivia (of which you came in fifth because of the final question). So while it’s my Day 2, it was my first day writing.

Today’s writing time (30 goal): 65
This Week’s writing time (90 goal): 65
Total time for the month (630 goal): 65

I got through a bit more of the book than I thought I would. I think a lot of that is because it’s been so long since I worked on this book that I was reading more than editing, haha. I have a list of edits I want to make to the book so if I get to the end before December, I have things I can go back and add/change that will give me a lot of other things to tweak.

I’m noticing a lot of ‘saying’ instead of ‘telling’ and I can see how dialogue heavy I am sometimes. I avoid dialogue tags. I think this has changed about my writing since I wrote the original draft but, to be honest, I really like it. I have some people lined up to beta read so I’ll see how they feel about it.

I’m ‘caught up’ from missing yesterday. My husband has a boys-date planned (they play D&D and drink beer while watching football) for tomorrow so I’m hoping to get some solid work in tomorrow as well. I’d love to get this thing finished!

Until next time, write on.

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